Come say Hello


I have a love for Vintage attire, I like to drink Cocktails, wear good threads & spin music on good old chunky vinyl

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I am also part of the The Vintage News crew

If you would like Vintage Vessel to review products, attend events, interested in advertising or just want to say Hi then please contact:


2 thoughts on “Come say Hello

  1. Hi Hayley, Just found out about you when I read Jenny’s blog Yesterday girl about your great weekend together at Rhytm Riot. I was really stunned by your hair color on those pictures! Could you tell what hair coloring you use to get that gordious color? It seems a wonderful color to try for the upcoming Christmas! Please reveal your secret to me? I would be in your dept forever! Lovely blog you have by the way! I will be back for more inspiration as I am a 40’s girl myself! You can never get enough of that great period of time! Thanks a lot and kind wishes from the Netherlands! GonnieMarie

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