Vegan for January: This vintage dame does without dairy


Happy New year all of you gorgeous lot out there, I really hope you had a great turn into 2014 what ever you may have gotten upto. I spent the evening Djing at The Black Dove in Brighton with The Gin Slingers, mixing pretty much every spirit I could get my sneaky little hands on! Oooops!

Well as you may have gathered from my title I am giving Vegan for January a go. Many of you out there do detoxing , giving up something, starting something or just picking up where you may have left a new years resolution last January! For me I have decided to cut out all dairy products from my diet. This includes milk, butter, cheese, eggs & of course meats also the processes of making food that may use animal bi products.

Why you may ask? Well I eat very little meat anyway, only on rare occasions when eating out or very rare occasions me and the boy may put our pennies together & buy a packet of sausages! But the truth is it’s not just the price of meat, I actually like veggie Soy alternatives! They taste good & alongside nice chunky veg I honestly (for the most part) do not miss my meaty portion! I drink soy milk & buy non diary yoghurt before out of choice because they’re tasty. So..because of this I have decided to go a step further & go into Vegan territory. (ohhh – ahhhh)

I have never really had any misconceptions about Vegans, I am going to be honest & say I always sort of scrunched my nose up a little at the thought but being a Brighton lass, with Brighton being a quite alternative & open city, I always thought ‘Each to their own aye’.

When doing research on how I would go about this change in diet & also what on earth I was going to eat, I did find many different opinions on why choosing not to eat meat & diary is bad for you & that Vegans tend to be sickly & weak….hmmmm I wasn’t convinced. I found hundreds of fantastic blogs & reciepe sites over spilling with tasty ways to not eat diary! I will post some blogs for you below  – be prepared for serious food envy on every level. ( not exclusivly vegan but tons of food porn that it gluten free too)

This brings me to my 3 reasons I am Vegan for January:

1. My main reason for doing this though is to quite simply be more informed about where the food I eat comes from & the processes it goes through before it goes in my shopping basket. I think this is key. Once I know what it takes to have all these products on the supermarket shelves I can make more informed decisions on whether I choose to eat it or not.

2. I am also doing this for health reasons & weight reasons. I am hoping to loose a few pounds by the end of the month. I am by no means overweight but I do feel like the flab is sticking as I get into my late 20s & I really don’t want this to continue! I started jogging before Christmas too, spurred on by my ‘Happiest 5k run’ back in the summer. Although it’s probably not the best time of year to begin running as I have been rained on several times & had the odd skid on wet leaves but it’s at least a start. I do really enjoy it too which I never thought I would say!

3. I consider myself an average to below average cook/baker so I really want to start pushing myself to make more of my own food. Many Vegans make alot of the stuff they eat from scratch. I am terrible at baking cakes. I LOVE cake & I want to get better at baking sweet healthy treats! Plus expanding my own eating habits to take forward with me at the end of the month.

Have you ever been Vegan?

Are you Vegan now?

Are you doing Vegan for January?

Could you ever try it?

Let me know! Always love you comments,

Love (Vegan )VVxx



4 thoughts on “Vegan for January: This vintage dame does without dairy

  1. I rarely eat meat and only have the smallest amount of milk in my tea as I’m a bit lactose intolerant so I don’t think it would be too hard for me to go vegan. Good luck with it all – I hope it goes well for you!

  2. interesting project.
    i don’t eat meat for over 20 years now – i simply don’t like it (yes, i do eat fish!). in my mid twenties i lived almost vegan for about a year, because of being lactose intolerant (@ sarah: welcome to the family). meanwhile there are a lot of products to find easily in the grocery store that make eating vegan quite easy. back then (ten years ago) it was quite hard to collect all the things together i needed to prepare an nice ant tasty dinner.
    have fun with you vegan january!

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