A few things I have been upto before the year is out

After a really great weekend at the Rhythm Riot back in November, I had to lay low for a while & gather some more pennies together!

I had my Birthday at the beginning of December, I got loads of lovely bits and pieces including some gorgeous Rosita Bonita leather tooled earrings. I’d met the gorgeous Rosita at The Best of Britannia show back in October

aaphoto 2

Vintage Vessel Brighton Rosita Bonita

My Boxing Day outfit , I have worn them tons since I got them, they’re so beautiful.

I also had the opportunity to attend The Chap Ball with the Vintage News again this year. This time around I knew more people than I did last year & the evening was really fun. I wore my 1940s crepe dress with silver sequin trim. It’s nice to go glamorous & put that extra bit of make up on. Here are some snaps:

The Chap Ball 2013 Vintage Girls

Photo: The Vintage News

The Chap Ball 2013 Vintage Girls With the love Jeni. You can see the ‘squiggly’ sequin detail around the neckline here too. The star earring I am wearing are a pair I bought at Rhythm Riot & hadn’t had a chance to wear them.

I also got a chance to rat my hair & dust off one of my Mod dresses as my Boyfriend’s club night The Big Itch worked together with the Duke’s at Komedia to put on a John Waters night with a screening of ‘Hairspray’ & a night of music from his films! I am a massive John Waters fan & it was really great to try out doing my first ever beehive. Despite the fact that I used to be a Mod girl I always had short cropped hair so never got the chance to try the style.

60s Beehive Mod Brighton

The dress is one I have had for years & to be honest its most likely early 70s from the collar style but the pastel colours are really nice & matched the accessories I had

60s Beehive Mod BrightonI also wore my 50s frames from Madam’s Vintage Specs

60s Beehive Mod BrightonAnd for the back I hid all the tucked in bits with a chiffon scarf that I tied into a bow & pinned into place

60s Beehive Mod BrightonIt survived wind & rain that night but it took loads of conditioner to brush out! I really don’t know how women got through all the ratting & hairspray. For that reason it won’t be a style I will do too much but I really enjoyed sporting such a sky high do!

So seeing as it’s the season for making resolutions here a few of mine for January 2014:

  • Keep running at least twice per week
  • Buy a sewing machine (so I don’t have to keep hand sewing everything!)
  • Make a wiggle dress
  • Go Vegan for January

I am sure you will hear about at least a few of those over the next few months, I will try not to leave it so long between posts! Have you got any New Year resolutions? Ever been proud of a hair style you haven’t tried out before?

Hope you all had an amazing festive holiday!

Love VV xxx

P.S You can also follow me on Instagram  @Vintage_Vessel ( I have only recently joined & I have to say, I love it! It’s great to see other girls & guys styles!)



3 thoughts on “A few things I have been upto before the year is out

  1. those earrings are beautiful! I’ve been eyeing up a few of her pieces since you blogged about her previously!
    also though glasses are amazing! ive just ordered my first two pairs but as im new to the glasser world i wasnt brave enough to get some originals yet!they look so cute though! hope you have a lovely christmas. x

    • Aw thanks Hollie! That’s really nice if you to say. Glades are a big deal if you’ve not worn them before especially vintage style that will draw more attention but you get used to them! Just have to extra careful not to break them! All of Rosita’s pieces are gorgeous, even better in life. You should treat yourself to something! You too & Happy NY VVxxx

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