Inspiration #1 : Dressed down style to The Marvelettes

I was inspired  to finally start putting together an inspiration series by Jeni’s Yesterday’s Beat girl post . My style has definitely started to change again, I think partly to the music I have been listening to & collecting lately. Much more late 50s to mid 60s. I have always been a decade hopper but mostly jumping from the 40s & 50s and I love having the freedom to do so! Now I seem to be progressing through history into another decade entirely, although maybe it should be regression, as my obsession with vintage fashion & music started about 7 years ago when I started going to Mod nights. The feel this time though is trans atlantic and I am looking to the USA for much of my inspiration.  These won’t always be about style, maybe images, people & sounds that I want to share as things that make me sit up & pay attention…

Beat Girl Vintage

First up is Jeni herself. I always love Jeni’s dressed down style.

Paynes Poppets advertisement. 1955

Mid Century advert design: Paynes Poppets advertisement. 1955

Dawn Davenport

The amazing Divine as Dawn Davenport in ‘Female Trouble’

I am a massive fan of all John Water’s work and the star of many of his films was larger that life, uber trashy Divine!


These girls

I love these girls goofing around in their very Freddies-esq loose fit jeans & saddle shoes – just perfect!

Masters of Sex Vintage Fashion Outfits

Virginia Johnson’s amazing sweater collection from Masters of Sex

Honest to God her wardrobe is fantastic & now that Mad Men is out of my life this is my new necter.The knitwear in particular! Plus I love her soft whispey Audrey Hepburn fringe.


The Marvelettes

I have loved The Marvelettes work for a very long time! One of my favourite track is ‘Playboy’ as it brings back great memories of when I first started listening to Soul & Motown. Boy these babies can sing!

The insanely gorgeous & very stylish Miriam’s Kafferep

Without fail, everytime I take a peek into the world of Miriam on her blog, I get a pang of awe & inspiration. I love the colour palette she uses & the wardrobe she has. She can still look so feminine & stylish in baggy 40s pants & a shirt. She has that pure Swedish style!


My Grandma & Grandad with the brood (minus my Auntie Sharon)

This phot only surfaced when my Grandma passed away a few months back. I love it so much. My Dad is in the middle looking right at the camera with his little romper & sandles on. I am loving my Grandma’s cha cha heels too.


The 1964 French film ‘Band A Part’

This film is great. I love Anna Karina’s chunky wool & tartan skirt combo. I  have been rocking the look myself recently. Band A Part style outfit 1964What can I say? Watch the film & do Le Madison with me…

I hope you have enjoyed the first installment, I am going to try & do this post weekly.. Feel free to comment below linking me to some of you inspiration posts!

Love VV xxx


One thought on “Inspiration #1 : Dressed down style to The Marvelettes

  1. I’m loving Masters of Sex too! It is definitely filling the Mad Men shaped hole in my life and I’ve been inspired to fill my wardrobe with pencil skirts and sweaters! If only I could find some nice knitwear though!

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