Colour Run Brighton! This Golden era girl dons her leggings & get’s sweaty!

The Color Run

Colour Run

About 3 weeks ago I took part in The Colour Run: The Happiest 5K & ended up having an amazing day that included using the word ‘run’ & ‘fun’ in the same sentance which I NEVER thought I would say!!

The Colour Run took place on a lovely clear Saturday morning with thousands of people of all ages & abilities. Some running for charity & some running with family & friends. Including me РA total running virgin! I pretty much only ever pick up my pace when running for a train or when I am late for work.

The run was a distance of 5K (about 3 miles) and at every 1K you ran there would be a whole party of happy people to cover you in the most amazing vibrant powder paint! PINK! ORANGE! YELLOW! PURPLE! BLUE! The colours were amazing & filled the air.

I was invited by the lovely guys at Living Social¬†, they put on events, offers & deals to encourage people to do things they usually wouldn’t & experience a more social lifestyle! Anything from to trying new foods to speedboat rides – which is actually something they had arranged for us to do that day!

So with my bright white Colour Run Brighton 2013 tshirt & without barely even stretching a ham string we started!

I knew I had to take it easy but found myself both running & jogging. I really was happy with myself & my fitness levels.

Here are some snaps from all the lovely people I also ran with:

colour run brighton 2013

Motley crew with our super clean tshirts on before the Happiest 5K!!

And After:

Colour run brighton 2013

COLOUR!! Photo from Krystian’s blog (wearing his cool Top Gun shades)

You can also check out a few more snaps that Krystian took on his flickr page! Some really great one’s!

The group of us were a mixture of bloggers, SEO experts, PR people & journalists – including the lovely ReeRee from Rockalillys. Her hair was already colourful before the race!

All I can say is that sometimes it really pays off to come out of your comfort zone & join in with events that you might not usually attend! Plus I now have two momentums from that day to remind me: Colour Run brighton 2013


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