A round up of June

June was a great Month! Every weekend was fun filled. Visits to London for Bethan & Fleur’s Birthday Bash, I attended the opening of the first Dr. Martens store launch ,there was the return of one of my favourtie Mod nights (way back when I wore short dresses & donned a pixie crop!) Mojo 2 Go Go , The Big Itch Big Surf All Dayer, another edition of Tail End Charlie’s and I Deejayed at a new night called Big Badda Boom! I also went to see Gilda on the big screen at the British Film Institute with Sadie & Katie plus inbetween all of that I quit my job in the Boutique & started working for a nice Social PR & Creative Marketing Agency in Brighton!

Here is a round up in pictures ( with a few outfit selfies & things I have purchsed thrown in!)

Diary of a Vintage Girl Blogger Birthday London Vintage Vessel

We all look really calm here. I can confirm that about 10minutes after we all went a bit hyper! Birthday girls Bethan, Fleur with Jeni & Sadie

Diary of a Vintage Girl Blogger Birthday London Vintage Vessel

Phot courtesy of Jeni

Diary of a Vintage Girl Blogger Birthday London Vintage Vessel

Photo courtesy of Jeni

Gilda BFI

Gilda at The BFI They had a Rita Hayworth Season & were showing lot’s of her films. It was amazing to see the film on a cinema screen


I found the wonders of the teasing comb for The Big Itch Surf All Dayer! I wore a really cute 1960s sun top & navy capri pants, I really enjoyed the look & it’s the first time I felt I pulled off a California 60’s look with my longer hair!

Tail End Charlie's Brighton Vintage Lindy Hop

(Photo courtesy of Katie) The Lovely Pip & I at Tail End Charlie’s wearing my Oriental Blouse 

Big Babbda Boom Brighton Cotton Tail

Ms. Cotton Tail doing what I do & spinning some wax at Big Badda Boom (decided to try out a different hair style with more of a 1940’s curls ontop thing. I think it worked out well..)

Vintage 1940s Bag Blog Vintage Vessel

I bought this beauty of a clutch for just £20! It’s 1940s & in great condition

Vintage 1940s Bag Blog Vintage Vessel

It’s so roomy too!

I bought two Vintage prints




I couldn’t choose between them so I took both!


And finally I bought this from a charity shop for £6.00!!

Sorry for the lengthy picture post! Hope you don’t mind, I just wanted to catch up with you all & let you know everything I have been upto! July is set to be just the same This Friday it is Big Badda Boom once again & of course most exciting is my first ever Chap Olympiad with The Vintage News (Click to check out last years photos)! I am so excited! I am sure I will tell you all about it soon.

Send me your round ups of what you’ve been upto! I always love to hear from you!

Love V V xxx


2 thoughts on “A round up of June

    • Oh thankyou! I got it in Chichester earlier this year. It’s a Union Made from the late 50′ early 60’s plus it fits like a dream..don;t you just love it when that happens?! Love VV xxx

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