An interview with Lou Taylor: Fusing pop culture with paper

I had been admiring Lou Taylor’s work online for a while & I decided to drop her an email. Firstly to say how much of a fan of her work I am (sometimes you just gotta let people know!) & secondly to ask whether she would mind meeting up for a chat. After a few emails we met up last week at Small Batch Coffee (neither of us actually sampled the coffee though I had Early Grey & Lou indulged in a Hot Chocolate!)

Lou’s works with paper to create these stunning pieces. With just a scalpel to cut intricate shapes & using layering techniques the outcome is bold, eye catching & quirky. I absolutely love her work!

LouTaylor PaperCutting

An example of Lou’s early Fashion Cover paper cuttings

LouTaylor PaperCutting Brighton

Vintage Vessel: When did you first start out with paper cutting & how did it develop into you using it to create your work?

Lou Taylor: I have always been obsessed with bold colour patterns & print. I didn’t study Art at University but my Mum is an artist, so I was always amongst creativity when growing up. I starting messing with cutting shapes about 3 or 4 years ago & it developed from there. I did work experience with Rob Ryan which was a great way to learn different techniques. His work is very different to mine & like many similar paper cut artists  it can be quite romantic & a bit flowery. I prefer a bolder approach, a bit more kitsch. I started copying old Vogue & Harper’s Bizarre covers, the colours are really fun to play with & the images translate well onto paper.

VV: Does being a Brighton based artist inspire your work?


Diving Girls

Lou Taylor: I am originally from Dorset & have lived in Brighton for over 11 years now. I wouldn’t say living here inspires me directly but I do have a love for most British Seaside towns & the characters you find in them. You can see a seaside resort feel reflected in my Bathing Caps |& Synchro Collection . I want to steer away from the obvious themes like seagulls & Brighton Pier, I am always conscious not to repeat what other artists have done before.

Of course I use online image sites like my Pintrest, which is a goldmine! I also source alot of my inspiration from Fashion photography too especially from the 1960’s which was a great period for experimentation in Fashion Editorials. Photographers like Cecil Beaton & Norman Parkinson are great to study!  Artist from the Pop Art movement like Andy Warhol & Patrick Caulfield. I find Andy Warhol’s early illustrative particularly interesting.


Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

I tend to be inspired by strong women in history. Icons of their age like Josephine Baker & Frida Kahlo. Colourful & bold women.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo



Dig those pineapples!

VV: You have worked on some great collaborations recently, for example the gorgeous vixen & plus size model Felicity Hayward, how did that come about?

Lou Taylor: I was in Margate not long ago & saw this fantastic Art Deco house called The Pink Palace. I wanted to know more about the property & found out that Felicity rents the 1937 holiday home out to TV/Film or photoshoots. It’s so gorgeous & is bursting with period features. We got chatting & bonded over our love of the seaside (particularly Margate!). She was keen to collaborated on a paper cutting that combines both her & the seaside! Eventually I hope to get into production with bespoke knitwear label ‘Where’s me Jumper’.


Commision featuring Felicity Hayward

VV: The Collars in Fashion are your latest addition & they’re a bit different to you previous work. Are they a glimpse into future projects?


Lou Taylor: I really loved doing those collars, they were something I had thought of doing a while back but then the idea never got developed until a good few months down the line. I am a bit like that, I start lot’s of projects & then come back to them. I never plan too much, it’s often a strong vision in my mind rather than me sketching anything out. I have always really liked the section of the Fashion Reports where they photographed the detail. The idea comes from there really. I want t carry on & eventually name the series ‘Devil in the detail’. I really like that whole frilly socks & heels look, so that may be something I experiment with next!


Please check out the lovely Lou & her paper cuttings! You can see more of her brilliant work on her

WEBSITE & Visit the online store

and don’t forget to find her on



Portrait of Phylis the Pearly Queen

Love VV xxx


One thought on “An interview with Lou Taylor: Fusing pop culture with paper

  1. Hello Hayley,

    I hadn’t seen Lou’s work before and was grabbed by her Vogue cover inspired pieces. It’s always interesting to gain a bit of insight into the artist’s influence and background and so I really enjoyed reading this piece. A little bit in love with her diving girls!


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