A love for the Sleeve

Since starting to collect & play records about two years ago I have developed a love for the Record Sleeve. They’re not all showstoppers but I thought I would show you some of my favourite sleeves. I love the designs, the fonts & sometimes you see sleeves with hand written notes scribbled on one side. Often the year it was bought or addressed to someone as a gift. It’s so cute when you see a single with ‘Our song’ or ‘For Janet’ on it.

The first is Mercury Records:

DSCF0535I love the Mid Centuary illustrations & Jazz influenced colours


DSCF0553Columbia Records:

DSCF0562It can be a really great way of researching social history too. Check these guys out having a party & listening to their favourtie Hit Parade discs!


King Records (R&B artists such as Roy Brown, Joe Tex, Hank Ballard & Ivory Joe Hunter recorded on the label) :

DSCF0554Various including Federal (mainly a Rhythm & Blues Label) & Bethlehem (a Jazz Label) owned by King:

DSCF0540Fidelity & Decca:


DSCF0578Capitol Records:



Love the tiny Maracas


DSCF0588DSCF0584And probably one of my favourite is this Paula,Ronn & Jewel Record Sleeve:

DSCF0533Dig those colours


I think records sleeves themselves are works of art & worth preserving.

Love VV xxx


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