Hey! Just a quick selfie of my hair from Saturday night, when I was on the train upto London for Fleur & Bethan’s Buffday at The Punch Tavern. Us girls were all insane that night, so much fun though!!

filterI wore my 1950’s Japanese Novelty print blouse & my 1940’s Gaberdine Coat with a long line pencil skirt I bought from Beyond Retro. I was please with my hair too, which was just a sponge roller set from the night before & that I had styled for work that morning. Kept tight all day & fell just enough for a looser 1940’s look. Yay for good hair days!

I am also wearing my specs, I wear contact lenses all the time but decided to give my peepers a rest that evening. They’re not particularly vintage but they do have a very subtle cats eye shape about them. I would like to get some vintage frames at some point as I feel it really sets off an outfit & I hate wearing my vintage clothes then slapping on my non-authentic specs, I feel it ruins it! But I will add those to the already long ‘Lust List’…

Hope you had a nice Monday!

Love VV xxx


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