A Lasting Beauty

I have been looking through my old files on my laptop today, it almost felt like going through a memory box of old photos & memories, it’s good to do that sometimes as I don’t have many actual print outs of photos. Everything is online or at the least on file * note to self get some printed off & make an old school collage of drunken nights out with friends & awkward selfies*

Speaking of drunken nights out…I was feeling a little worse for ware this morning after an amazing time at Bethan & Fleur’s Birthday party up in London! Let’s just say drinking red wine at gone 6.00am seems like a reasonable thing at the time but it’s not advisable!

So, I came across these photos (..of photos) that I thought I would share with you. I do like to look through old boxes of photos but I can find it a little morbid seeing all those lost faces of other peoples memories, knowing nothing about them other than what you can gather from the brief moment in time it was captured.

Here are the two photos I picked up from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton  644043_10152137399325647_1756847803_nShe looks so elegant & relaxed. Her dress is so lovely & simple

I like to think she’s an aspiring actress on holiday & her loved one is taking sun kissed snaps of her

548157_10152137403830647_879845419_nI also found another shot of her in the box. This time it looks as though she’s on a Pier

Look at those shorts – remind you of the one’s Freddie’s of Pinewood much?!

380153_10152137403315647_1851049323_nLook at that pose! Those pins!

Well we shall never know who she is but she definitely has a place in my heart.

I would love to hear from any of you with interesting photos you have found that you can’t help but weave a history for the people & circumstances in the photograph! Send me links if you have also written a post on snapshots you have found.

Well it’s almost midnight & I best be off to bed to catch up of some well earned rest,

Love VV xx


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