Day Trip to Walthamstow Village


The lovely exterior of the boutique ‘Beautiful Interiors’

A few Sunday’s ago Sadie, Kieran & Myself went on a little road trip to Walthamstow Village. Sadie had to top up on some Tweed for the Tweed Run & Auntie Maureen had kindly invited us to visit her at her Menswear nook – ‘Brown Paper Bag‘! There were some other lovely shops located on one small street & it was a pleasant surprise to learn of Walthamstow’s arty connections. The Boutique we visited, where Auntie has set up a small but perfectly formed emporium of masculine attire also has other stall holders selling crafted gifts, independent artists & photographers can also rent out space on the walls.



Found a great selection of Old maps & Victorian Science illustrations from Folly & Frill


The Boutique even had it’s very own Bar set up in the garden with home-made cakes & lunches – such a neat idea!

I took a few snaps of some of the surrounding shop fronts, as they had retained their original signs





Unfortunately this Junk Shop (for me the word junk is in no way detrimental in describing it’s contents – I heart Junk!) wasn’t open I could only squish my nose up against it’s cold glass & pout at all the amazing things I couldn’t get my hands on

After Sadie had got her Tweed we decided to make the most of being in the area, Auntie maureen gave us directions to The William Morris museum that, amazingly, was open on a Sunday AND is FREE to get in!! Huzzah for things that open on Sundays & are free!


The Museum was once the family home of William Morris

I knew of his prints & fabrics but not much else, I sort of assumed he was a Laura Ashley of his day. Mass producing textiles, wallpaper,rugs & furniture. I was sort of right but it was absolutely fascinating to get behind his inspiration & understand his boundless energy for attempting to make things practical & beautiful at the same time! He was hugely influence by Medieval & Renaissance art, he loved stained glass windows & the romanticized characters that lept from the coloured glass. There were examples of these all through out the museum..


Aswell as many of his personal items such as printing blocks, drawings, photographs & half finished projects were all on display


Fragments of printing blocks strung from the ceiling


Morris’ obsession with nature is in every detail of his work


The man himself


Sadie getting a closer look at the Textiles!



Keiran taking the chance for a pit stop

All in all it was a lovely day to spend a Sunny Sunday afternoon! I will cap it off with a quick picture of myself on the staircase at the Museum!


Must stop looking so much like a Chipmunk..

Hand Knitted 1940’s Jumper from a Vintage Shop in Brussel

Skirt from American Apparel

Shoes were a Charity shop find

Guitar Brooch also from Brussels

I have been very lucky & have had the chance to do many a fun thing these last few weeks & I will give you all another update soon!

Love VV xx

p.s If you haven’t tried M&S Rhubarb & Custard Soda then I strongly suggest you do….


8 thoughts on “Day Trip to Walthamstow Village

  1. Hi there!

    I just discovered your blog and I you’re just so darling and your blog is wonderful. I’m always on the hunt for more vintage blogs and I’m so glad I found yours.


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