Thursday’s Child

After some very sad news this morning I decided I needed to get out of the house. Matt also had the day off which made me feel better that he was there too. We headed into town & of course we shopped some of the vintage boutiques & flea markets.

I rarely venture into the main shopping area & usually stick to The Laines. One of my favourite places to go is Wolf & Gypsy – the staff are always lovely, it has a really nice boutique feel without making you feel you can’t touch any of the beautiful vintage garments, they also have a small men’s section out the back that Matt can peruse! Sometimes the stock is a little 1960’s (nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my style..anymore…I have tucked all my Mod dresses away for now as I could never part with them!) but generally it’s a great mix of pieces from the 1900’s to the 80’s. It’s all hand picked by the owner & is often from America, which is great for the 1940’s & 50’s lovers like me! They also tend to stock some really nice novelty print dresses & seperates. I bought my peplum dress that I wore to the Alex Mendham Album Launch at The Floridita. Although I can’t always afford to buy in there as much as I wish, the prices are fair & it’s nice to support independent vintage boutiques.

Today’s indulgences:


Fell for this gorgeous 50’s Oriental Novelty Print shirt & Mahjong bracelet (found in Snoopers) It’s not an old one but I liked the contrasting mint coloured beads




My second purchase from Wolf&Gypsy is this lovely 1950’s hand made brushed soft cotton Atomic Fleck dress


This kind of cut never has great hanger appeal but I will get a few snaps of it on as it fits beautifully!

I also bought a few bits & pieces from Snoopers Paradise, which is a huge flea market with lot’s of cabinets full of everything you can imagine! I have heard people bad mouth the place but with it being so stuffed, you have to take your time to soak it all in & I usually come out with something!


A cute little carved brooch for just a few Pounds


More books!

So my purse got a little bit of a beating today but I am happy with everything I purchased, I absolutely love the blouse & the dress is very wearable…*justify justify*


Not many people can claim to match their bathroom towels to their outfit…I am one of them!

Here is a quick selfie from Monday night when myself & Sadie went to see 39 Steps at the Theatre Royal…blog post to follow including Sadie’s review for The Vintage News.

Love VV xxx


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