Day Trip to Walthamstow Village


The lovely exterior of the boutique ‘Beautiful Interiors’

A few Sunday’s ago Sadie, Kieran & Myself went on a little road trip to Walthamstow Village. Sadie had to top up on some Tweed for the Tweed Run & Auntie Maureen had kindly invited us to visit her at her Menswear nook – ‘Brown Paper Bag‘! There were some other lovely shops located on one small street & it was a pleasant surprise to learn of Walthamstow’s arty connections. The Boutique we visited, where Auntie has set up a small but perfectly formed emporium of masculine attire also has other stall holders selling crafted gifts, independent artists & photographers can also rent out space on the walls.

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Thursday’s Child

After some very sad news this morning I decided I needed to get out of the house. Matt also had the day off which made me feel better that he was there too. We headed into town & of course we shopped some of the vintage boutiques & flea markets.

I rarely venture into the main shopping area & usually stick to The Laines. One of my favourite places to go is Wolf & Gypsy – the staff are always lovely, it has a really nice boutique feel without making you feel you can’t touch any of the beautiful vintage garments, they also have a small men’s section out the back that Matt can peruse! Sometimes the stock is a little 1960’s (nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my style..anymore…I have tucked all my Mod dresses away for now as I could never part with them!) but generally it’s a great mix of pieces from the 1900’s to the 80’s. It’s all hand picked by the owner & is often from America, which is great for the 1940’s & 50’s lovers like me! They also tend to stock some really nice novelty print dresses & seperates. I bought my peplum dress that I wore to the Alex Mendham Album Launch at The Floridita. Although I can’t always afford to buy in there as much as I wish, the prices are fair & it’s nice to support independent vintage boutiques.

Today’s indulgences:


Fell for this gorgeous 50’s Oriental Novelty Print shirt & Mahjong bracelet (found in Snoopers) It’s not an old one but I liked the contrasting mint coloured beads

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‘Whistling in the Dark’ Album Launch at The Floridita, Soho

I had had a cold since Saturday & when my day off came round by Wednesday I was still feeling a bit gross but determined not to spend the day vegetating (a la my Easter Bank Holiday) I had booked in at my friend & hairdresser Paul’s salon (Cove) to get a trim & make myself feel a bit better. I then saw on Facebook that Alex Mendham & his Orchestra had their album launch at The Floridita – Should I go…? I sniffed my Olbas oil soaked tissue & texted the only other person I knew would give me that last nudge into running home to set my hair, grabbing a dress & hot footing it on a train upto Soho to attend the event….Sadie

Of course she said yes! And so I set my hair, I decided to wear my 1940’s black Crepe dress that I hadn’t had an event to wear to yet & we grabbed the 6 o’clock train…

The lovely Deco style white leather booths add serious glamour (of course, so do the attendees)

The lovely Deco style white leather booths add serious glamour (of course, so do the attendees)

Here is the man himself with his Orchestra

Here is the man himself with his Orchestra

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The Devil’s Music

The Devil’s Music is on every last Saturday of the month at The Black Dove, I have blogged about The Black Dove in a previous post and I found myself there again lastnight! Becca, Sadie (The Vintage News) & myself stepped in to spin some tunes & I managed to get a few snaps inbetween djing (and slurping on a cool G&T!) I have said it before but The Black Dove is one of the best places in Brighton and deserves a visit if you find yourself by the sea.

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