Hitting the decks!


It was Cotton Tail Club on Tuesday & it was an amazing night, the bar was packed out & the lovely dancers from Sussex Swing came down. I managed to take a few snaps (with my new camera!) as I am really trying to document my night more. I love doing it so much & even though I’ve been doing it every Tuesday for over a year, it never feels like a chore and it’s often a place that my friends come down to as many of them are fellow DJs and finding a night where none of us are doing a gig is pretty rare! I get Wednesdays off from the Boutique too, so infact it tends to feel like more of a party before my day off! I love putting an outfit together every week (I know Matt does too but he probably wouldn’t admit it!) This weeks at Cotton Tail Club Sadie (The Vintage News/Vanity Case) came down to spin a few records with me & she did a mighty fine job too (a highlight was ‘Do the Clam’ by Elvis Presley – this is the song as featured in the movie ‘Girl Happy’ from 1965 – it’s a ‘so bad it’s good’ kinda vibe!)

A few snaps:



Sadie behind the decks

Sadie behind the decks DSCF9412


I didn’t manage to take a photo of my outfit but I took a few shots of me playing around with my camera after a few cocktails when I got home. Matt decided that a red light bulb would make our Lounge look more Tiki (think seedy strip joint or a cover of a Las Vegas Grind Album!) Any way it was cool to have a play…


Decided to go for a ‘member of the French Resistance’ look plus I love a Beret!



On the subject of more Cotton Tail Club related things, I was invited to play at one of the Brighton Museum ‘After Dark’ events, I was really excited as I didn’t really know what to expect. They opened the Museum after hours from 7 till 10pm & had lot’s of activities going on including cocktails, origami classes & talks on their latest exhibition on climate change on the South Coast ( a bit more info can be found on their website) Unfortunately my blasted phone ran out of battery but I managed to get a snap of my view from where I did my set before it died…


Rather distracting! (this was before everyone arrived by the way!)

One last thing before I go, I wanted to pop a link to a very simple 1940’s ‘S’ wave tutorial from the enviable Miss Turnstiles – it’s a very honest & useful video. Vintage hair is all about the trial & error, it’s about finding what works for you & I think she does a great job here! Plus her ‘S’ wave is one of the best around, so she must be doing something right! Right?

Love VV xxx


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