A lighter coat. A brighter day

I bought this 1940’s Gaberdine jacket before Christmas from Snoopers Paradise but sadly the weather just hasn’t been warm enough to wear it. I have been snuggled into knee length sheepskin coat & can’t bare anything lighter. Until today!


I have the original belt but it needs new backing & is falling apart as I think it was used separately to the coat


Beret & Woolen Cardigan: United Colours of Benetton // Skirt: American Apparel // Necklace: 50’s lucite from Ebay // Platted Belt: H&M


It has lovely stitching on the back, this kind of tailoring is so hard to find in modern clothing


I also used my leather bag I bought from Brussels, I got it from a flea market & they were asking 25euro for it – I haggled the poor guy down to 18euro (much to Matt’s embarrassment!) I love a good haggle!





There was still some patches of ice on the ground but the sun was shining! I needed to clear out my wardrobe, so having the day off work, I started sorting some of my wardrobe. One of my friends Jane has set up a little boutique called *Green Brick* where you can bring in Vintage, designer & pre-loved items to sell in the shop. They then pop the items into their lovely boutique & if it sells then you get half the marked price & if it doesn’t you get the item back! So you don’t have anything to loose, if you can’t be bothered with ebay & think the items are worth a little bubble money, the Green Brick is a great idea.

It was Matt’s Birthday yesterday & of course, it was Cotton Tail Club too, so we combined the two happenings & invited friends down to Above Audio for some half price cocktails. I got him another Tiki Mug for his collection


The cute little lime green fella from Pocketiki

Sadie baked some glittery cupcakes & gave the birthday boy a little Tin Tin badge which was pinned straight on to his lapel!


The injoke is that Matt had a Tin Tin themed room when he was little (which, to be fair, beats my Care Bears room that I had!!)

During the day we went out for lunch with his Mum & Grandma, who drove down to take us out, which was really nice.


Sorry for the PDA!

Check out the Automic steel martini ice cream cup! I had two scoops Pistachio & one Vanilla

Check out the Automic steel martini ice cream cup! I had two scoops Pistachio & one Vanilla

Such a nice day & evening which was topped off by finding this amazing lamp!!


It is just begging for a pink tassled lampshade!


I think it will divide opinion but I absolutely love it! I will try & do a step by step on it’s restoration in the next few weeks. It seems easy but we shall see!
Love VV xxx


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