Spring should bring in the New Year

I don’t know about you but I always feel so much more optimistic when Spring is in the air. Everything is coming back to life, including my morale! January & February are so very very dull. It’s still cold, I’m still on the festive come down & the days are short. So that is why I think March should be the turn of the year! March should be the official start to the New Year – am I crazy or does anyone else agree? I cannot wait for more sunshine, more greenery & less layers.  Although saying that I have had a great year so far. Myself & Sadie from The Vintage News/Vanity Case went upto London to The Vintage Mafia’s first Ric Rac Club of the year ‘Be my vintage Valentines’, it was at a pub near Angel Called The Blacksmith & the Toffee Maker, which was a really nice pub with Mid Centuary furniture, it had a really authentic wooded dance floor around the side of the bar which set the place apart from most pubs when it came to space for pulling shapes. Sadie managed to snap a few shots, as did Hanson Leatherby which you can see here on The Mafia’s Facebook Page:

Heart lollipops at the Ric Rac

Heart lollipops at the Ric Rac (photo Sadie Doherty)

The Gorgeous faces that greeted us on the way in Jen,Zack & Bethan

The Gorgeous faces that greeted us on the way in Jenny, Zack & Bethan

Fleur on the microphone

Fleur on the microphone

Katie & myself being ladettes!

Katie & myself being ladettes!

If you hadn’t guessed by the photos the theme was ‘something red’, I found some red cigarette pants tucked in one of my drawers that I don’t think I had ever worn (they’re rather fitted) & teamed them with one of my favourite jumpers. It wass a really great night & I have heard tweets about the next one already being planned. It’s always nice to get out of Brighton & go to the Big Smoke every so often.

Saying that, I was up in London just a week ago assisting The Vintage News at the What Katie Did SS13 Collection preview, which we were treated to Burlesque performances from Sophia St Villier & Slinky Sparkles . The new Marlene Collection is gorgeous & it was great to be able to get up close to the pieces as it’s hard to tell what fabric will look or feel like when ordering offline. I can assure you everything is beautifully made!


Lipstick by Besame (which I wasn’t aware of their varied colour palette)




Always love it when the feathered fans are included

Sadie chatting to Katie founder of What Katie Did

Sadie chatting to Katie founder of What Katie Did

  1. 421849_493065010753487_644388936_n

Wearing my 1940’s fur & my new(ish) swing trousers from Allure Originals


A great shot of the Underwear range, stunning collection

So if you haven’t quite ventured into the realms of repro underwear then WKD is a great place to start, their stockings are great too. On the way back to Brighton we passed someones private collection of old cars from the 20’s to the late 50’s, there was also an amazing Hovis Van which I had a cheeky pose infront of.


Well my lovelies, I am hoping that the ‘New’ New Year is getting off to a good start for you & I will have another few outfit posts for you soon – I just this evening purchased a new Fuji x10 so I will no longer make you suffer my grainy BlackBerry pictures! Very excited!

Toodles for now, Love VV xxx


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