Quick Outfit Post

I am currently snuggled in bed, Matt is out Djing till 5am at his monthly ‘Ape-out’ The Big Itch at The Green Door Store (nice place,always free entry but don’t expect to be pulling any shapes unless you like to wobble on uneven stone floor & dip your toes in the odd welt of boozey juices) Thought I would do a quick outfit post, as I managed to get Matt to snap some pictures of me this week…

Firstly is one of me from Cotton Tail on Tuesday :

Record Box

The quality is dire I am saving my bubble money this month for an actual camera (rather than a grainey Blackberry) – stay with me folks!

Despite it actually snowing that evening, I decided to wear my Miss L Fire ‘Siesta’ (still very much in love with them) & a hand made 1940’s dress which, when I bought it, it had crazy unoriginal red & green buttons on. I bought a set of pink & black dead stock buttons from ebay & sewed them on instead. I also set my hair the day before & it still had some bounce. I also got my record box in hand ready to spin some at CTC.

Friday Night:

tarten 1

Conscious effort to pose elsewhere, other than in front of the living room door

This photo is again shocking in quality, it’s also again set in the exotic location that is my living room where the light is bad & the faint smell of dinner lingers in the air. I went to ‘Hot Tamales’ on Friday at the Thomas Kemp, unsurprisingly in Kemptown! It’s just a casual affair but nice to listen to great music & natter with friends. I made a bit more effort than was required for a few ciders but when your hair is doing what it’s told, sometimes you just gotta make the most of it! I am wearing one of my favourite sweaters of my A/W wardrobe, it’s from where I work (which is not in the slightest bit vintage) & I instantly saw the vintage appeal plus it’s a Cashmere mix, the skirt is Pendleton from Beyond Retro & the brogues I picked up in a charity shop in Brighton last year. You can also just see a pair of B/W 1960’s Ferragamo loafers peeking out from behind me, which are a favourite.


Close up of the hair

I also have been meaning to post a few pictures of a Birthday card my friends Kelly & Scott gave to me, it sits on my dressing table & I love looking at it. I think it’s possibly 30’s or 40’s & it reminds me of the illustrations in the Enid Blyton books I used to read like the Naughty Amelia Jane stories (did you ever read those? She was very naughty!)


All the little letters walking their way to your door!


Or is the poor postie trying in vain to catch the naughty runaways!

Good Night to you all, I bid you Adieu…

                                                                               Love VV xxx


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