Variety is the spice of life

I sort of made it a very loose New Years resolution to start reading more & to also train my brain to be more like a sponge than a sieve, well I am off to a positive start at least in the ‘read more’ part anyway.


I usually get my post sent to my work as, let’s face it I am there most of my life, plus it gives me a childish pleasure in receiving packages from the postie!

 I originally had read a blog post by the enviable Mariams Kafferep about a few books that she had bought & had found inspiration from (scroll down to the bottom of her posts for the English translations) One of them is an amazing looking book on Swedish textile, print & designers which sadly I couldn’t find an English translated publishing. So this lead me to try & find a similar one. I purchased a few books from Ebay, this ‘1950’s Fashion Print’ by Marnie Fogg (fan-tastic name!) I bought it on the premise of there being more about Swedish print designer Astrid Sampe but alas although a few of her prints are featured there is no more than a small paragraph on the lady!


The book is split up into themed chapters with a small introduction to the world of textile manufacture & advertising during the 50’s


I picked out some of my favourite prints


The domestic chapter talks about how cooking & travel changed people’s attitudes to print, you could show your dinner guests how cultured you were by getting out your Mediterranean inspired table cloth!


The book is a really great source of over 200 prints & includes work from Lucienne Day, Robert Stewart & Sylvia Chambers. It has an RRP of £20 but I think I paid about £6! Bargain!

It also got me thinking about the different patterns & textiles I have in my wardrobe, I am a softie for pattern (take a look at the wallpaper featured in the back drop of my blog!) & I always have been, hence the reason I have forced myself to buy at least some staple things that are neutral solid colours, & annoyingly they are pieces that I do wear alot. These three different fabrics come from skirts I own.. T

he first is a H&M number that I think was from a few years ago it has a tie waist & large kangeroo pockets on the side, the colours are both bright but mixed with neutrals & I’ve worn it in both Summer & Winter

150627_10152474978550647_1949619713_n The second is a skirt I am yet to wear but fell head over heels for the Aztec inspired print! The fabric is a heavy felt & is very full. Check out the cheeky tiki faces in the design!



And lastly is a skirt I picked up in Oxfam which I assume can only be from curtain fabric but I really love it & I must wear it again soon, here is a picture of me in said skirt from last year


Some may say lurid – I say Lovely


The wall paper behind me is nice too!

Hopefully you’ve gone all cross eyed from the beautifully zany prints & if you’re a Bland Betty then I can only hope you have also been inspired to get some print in your wardrobe!

Love VV

p.s Let me know if you have any gorgeous prints in your closet or if you go weak at the knees at the site of some mid centuary textile madness!


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