Vinyl Vacations at The Black Dove


Photo courtesy of The Black Dove


Exotic curios – one lump or two? Photo courtesy of The Black Dove

Hello! Happy Sunday! I have been doing very little all day as it’s my day off & me & the boy were up late DJing at our monthly Night ‘Paradiso’  (enjoy a taster of the delights we spin HERE ) It’s on every first Saturday of the month at The Black Dove, in Kemptown. It’s one of my favourite bars & although many bars have tried to copy the eclectic Granny’s Attic look, to me it has remained completely original & authentic. With a massive range of Beers from around the globe (which I am told is impressive & tasty as I don’t like the stuff) & a beautiful Cocktail menu to boot (which I have tried&tested of course!) it is a great place to nestle into & enjoy the atmosphere. Oh & they recently refurbished the downstairs space, which can only be described as some what of a Victorian Opium Den with it’s small booths, red lighting, exotic curios & a bum pleasing scattering of cushions.Well worth a peep if you ever find yourself at a loss…


Photo Courtesy of The Black Dove

Right, having done my online Grocery shopping & hoovered the flat, I am now signing off to watch the J.Edgar movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio…

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my dears, Love VV xxx


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