When a clumsy cloud from here meets a fluffy little cloud from there…

Hello again, after another long stint of silence, I am back & this time we find ourselves in a different year. Unfortunately I had to work New Years Day but as a result I had two days off. So what delights did I get upto with my rare two days off in a row? Well Myself & Sadie ( Vintage News / Vanity Case ) hopped on the train ( also met up with Katie betwix the bright lights of Leicester Square ) & went to see the stage adaptation of RKO Pictures ‘Top Hat’ – if you frequent the London Underground you may have already spotted the posters – I am not usually one for theatre productions but, this being an adaptation of one of my favourite talking pictures I didn’t need too much convincing!

The film was one of the biggest grossing pictures of the 1930's

The film was one of the biggest grossing pictures of the 1930’s

The show is based on the 1935 film starring Ginger Rogers ( Dale Tremont – fulltime living mannequin to the great fashion designer Beddini) & Fred Astaire ( playing  world famous dancer Jerry Travors mixed with his usual  amount of Astaire charm & cheek ) With a musical score from Irving Berlin & costumes that will make you go weak at the knees, it is no wonder the film is still considered one of their finest performances.

So with a few excited squeals we settled into our seats in the beautiful Aldwych Theatre (featuring the very same stage that Viviene Leigh starred in ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ in 1949!) & got on with the show!


Jerry played by BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing winner Tom Chambers & Dale played by Charlotte Gooch


Scene featuring the song ‘Isn’t it a lovely day (to be caught in the rain)’

Well they certainly did a fantastic job & the costumes were wonderful, I swooned over several trouser suits in the Piccolino scene. The actors were humorous and well cast. Two if the characters which stood out for me most were the Man servant Bates & of course the flamboyant Latino Alberto Beddini who has his very own number in the production & perhaps, dare I say, out did the original actor Erik Rhodes in his portrayal.


The full cast in the Venice Beach scene – you can see the lady in the red trouser/cream blouse trouser suit which I was swooning over! ( costumes by Jon Morrel )

I would definatly recommend it whether you are a fan of musical theatre or a fan of the Fred & Ginger films, as I feel it is a well put together show that nods to both with a wink & a tip of it’s Top Hat (yup I had to get that in!)

A great start to the New Year! Love VV xxx


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