A few goings on..

The Union Label places the dress between 1952 – 1963.

I went to Chichester on Wednesday to visit a very good friend of mine, the weather was ghastly & grey but we had a lovely day together none the less! I bought a beautiful novelty print ‘Union Made’ dress for £25 & a vintage hair slide made of plastic mock tortoise. It didn’t cost much & now I will have to practice doing more updo’s to wear it.

Can’t wait to wear it in my hair although it’s not genuine shell I won’t feel so precious about wearing it. It is incredibly thin though!

Everyone loves a weathered tower!

We went into the cathedral which was so interesting & full of medieval tombs and 15th/16th Centuary portraits of all the past Bishops. The have two stone frescoes that date from just after the Roman period and are thought to be some of the oldest in England! What a surprise!  I also snapped up a exotic lady bust in Brighton last weekend & had to share a picture. Alot of the time they are so expensive & although not true vintage, I think she is a stunner.

Hopefully the first of many exotic ladies – £12 from a flea market in Brighton

I will post again soon, Love VV xx


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