Saturday Night

This look is rather more 1950’s than I go for but because of the dress being of that period I thought I would pretend I was part of Betty Draper’s circle of friends…

Here is a quick snap of me in my Union Made dress from Saturday night. I went to one of my favourite cocktail bars in Brighton The Black Dove for a friend’s Birthday Party (she looked like Marilyn Monroe in a backless wiggle dress) I wore my dress with a mink collar pinned together with a brooch from H&M & I tried to make my hair look slightly more 50’s Elizabeth Taylor…..I used perming rods on a wet set with Lotta Body Lotion (as you can see my hair never has ‘alottabody’!) over night & wrapped it all up all day at work in a scarf. Two elevated pin curls at front and I also tried out rolling the rods looser this time to give a more relaxed curl off the crown. I think it looked pretty good & it stayed in despite dancing & the humidity at the Club. Today is another story… Speak soon Love VV


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