Quick outfit post..

(Firstly may I just apologize profusely for the shoddy layout of my last post..I am still very much learning!) So it was Tuesday yesterday & as you know Tuesday is Cotton Tail so I thought I would do a quick pic of what I wore..

Trying to kid myself that I am on holiday – South of the Border style & not in windy Brighton South Coast style!

The Blouse is adorable & was £16 from Beyond Retro, I’m not sure what era it is from but the stitching is gorgeous, the shorts are from a charity shop a few years back & of course my amazing Miss L-Fire ‘Siesta’ shoes. Also a picture of the ‘Do’

You will have to get used to the badly posed self portraits & blurry pictures taken by the Boy..

I am using ALL manner of different tools to try & figure out the best way to set my hair. After watching litrally dozens of YouTube tutorials, scrolling through blogs & grilling friends about how they do thier own hair I have come to the conclusion that you do just have to figure it out for youself (or rather your hair!) I have tried hotsticks, pincurling, bendy rollers, perming rods, wet setting, setting lotions, no setting lotion. My hair is dead dead dead straight & curls fall out like no bodies bizz! I leave the house with bouncy curls happy as Larry but by the time I walk to work I am left with a subtle wave & a limp peekaboo!

Unbelievable & not to mention gutting when you have just had an uncomfy nights sleep with roller digging into your head! But I think I am finding the best for me although it just always TAKES TIME to dry – that I guess you cannot change. Unless you buy one of those at home head dryers & look like something that just crawled out a 50’s B-Movie (my poor boyfriends has enough of a fright when I have my rollers in!)


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