I have been neglecting you…

Wah! I have not posted in a while, mostly because, I though to myself ‘who is actually reading this blog??’

I guess it doesn’t really matter whether one person happens to stumble on here or a thousand..I started this blog mostly for myself as a sort of online Diary. I used to keep diaries. I would write in them almost every evening. I still have them but I find it so cringey to read the words of my teenage self! It is however a comfort to have these memories for me to delve into whenever I might feel the need to.

Anyway, what have I been upto these last few months, Cotton Tail is going really well. I enjoy that very much. I am going to share with you my purchases too, as even though I know worldly goods are not the be all & end all – doesn’t it feel great to buy them!

I got this Bettie Page Fan Skirt from Ebay for half the price, I had been lusting after it for sometime but decided it was too much full price!I love the flocked fan details, I have to take it in alittle but apart from that I am stoked..


I have also been slightly obsesses with Miss L-Fire shoes (see last post) I now have another pair ( which I could not resist at they were more than half price in their Sale, I have yet to wear them but I do honestly & truely love them. Not to mention they are so comfy & very well made! Alot of other bloggers wear the Rockets Originals shoes, I have yet to try those but I am always a dubious bystander when it come to footwear as my feet are a 7.5uk & I have spent many years trying to cram my feet into vintage shoes made for vintage sized feet! So huzzah for modern day sizing in repro shoes!

I also went to the Vintage Fair at Epsom (some weeks back now) it was one of the best I have ever been to, all the stalls had a fantastic array of mid centuary goodies..So if there is one setting up near you then it well worth the look. I was a bit on the penniless side that weekend but I bought this Dress of the Orient


It’s made from a Silk Rayon mix & was deadstock, the waist is a tummy sucking in 26” but I can JUST about get away with it with tights on & no dinner!? I love it though. I am DJing at a Movember Party on the 30th of November at a amazing Chinese Bar in Brighton & I think this is already numero uno in my outfit choice.

I also am a huge fan of the beautiful Fluer DeGuerre & her blog ‘Diary of a Vintage Girl’ I bought this Tiki inspired handbag from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton & I then spied in one of her post that she owns a very similar one..


Yes I am terribly sad but I know there are others like me out there…somewhere…

I think that is enough from me for now!

Keep warm,

Love Vintage Vessel



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