How nice to see you again

So the prospect of starting a blog doesn’t seem so daunting ( I have been hovering over my laptop keyboard, tips of fingers twitching for more time than I am going to admit to myself ) I am going to convince myself that we have met before. You know me a little, I have seen you around, we have a few mutual friends of friends. Just incase don’t recall my name though, here are a few little things about me and please do feel free to add me/follow me on here so I can get to know you better….

I live in a sea side town on the Sussex South Coast

I am the type that forgets I’ve already got the milk out from the fridge & doubles back only to realise that the milk is already out

I will hopefully be using this platform to share with you all things Vintage – so, places I have been or places I know other people have been, facts and findings, a few photos here & there of bits & bobs that I yern to get my hands on or items I have bought, aspirations as well as failures, rainy days & partly cloudy days.

I hope you too can be scooped up by the vessel that is vintage …Image

And so it was really lovely to see you again & let’s not leave it so long till the next time we bump into eachother…oh and by the way love the shoes..

Love VV




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